The following quotes are just a sampling of thousands of letters, emails and faxes that The Comedy Coach® has received over the years from his private students.

"Neil Leiberman taught me to look at stand-up comedy as more than just making people laugh-- it's also a business. With his coaching, I became more disciplined in every aspect of my career and was able to avoid a lot of pitfalls."
Ryan Stout (Winner of the 2005 Boston Comedy Festival)
"I have always had so much respect for Neil’s love of comedy and his ability to find humor in everything. I would recommend spending time with and studying with Neil because he is passionate about comedy. And he's got a great ass."
Bob Saget (Star of The Aristocrats)
"As a past student of Neil Leiberman, I can tell you first hand that he is a patient instructor who fills you with confidence, because he is genuinely funny himself. He helped me take my collection of pasta stained, cocktail napkin notes and turn them into an act that people actually pay to see. Neil can water the seed of your funny and help it grow. He can also help you with your gardening analogies."
Matt Weinhold (Winner of The Seattle Comedy Competition)
"Neil guided me step by step through the process of becoming a comedian and was a constant source of reassurance. Today I am on the verge of stardom and it all started with Neil."
Dan Lewis (Headliner and Comedy Teacher)
"This guy can make you funny!
San Francisco Chronicle
"I had a great time and I learned so much. The advice you give is invaluable. Before our initial meeting, I was telling my husband that I felt stuck, like I wasn't emphasizing the right words, the flow was off, it didn't feel right, etc. I noticed that when I work with you, it's a new perspective. You see what I don't. Whenever I walk away from one of our coaching sessions I feel inspired to create and practice again."
Sonia Borg (Public Speaker and Sexologist)
"Whether you're a comedian, public speaker, actor, or singer, the most important thing is confidence. Neil will not let you stand in front of an audience unless you and your material are ready."
Ron Saxen (Author of, “The Good Eater”)
"A successful coach/student relationship requires input from both parties. Since I've been on both ends of the process myself I can honestly say that Neil's input made me a better comedian at a crucial time in my career, the finals of the San Francisco International Comedy Competition. Together, we worked on fundamentals and details. He talked, I listened, the crowd laughed. Mission accomplished. I enjoyed working with Neil and would do so again. This is his life's work and he's very good at it. It was money well invested."
Dobie Maxwell (Headliner & Radio Personality)
"Your comments are excellent. What you are teaching is 100% correct for these times."
Larry Wilde (Author of, "The Great Comedians Talk About Comedy")
"Neil gave me the powertools needed to build a comedy routine, edit comedy material and put together humorous talks, presentations and books."
Stu Silverstein (Comedian, Corporate Speaker. Author)
"Neil answers the phone (that continues to amaze me), always had time to talk; and, always returned my phone calls. Neil could turn a joke that was average into a very funny one. He is really quick witted. And he knows which ones to trash. After a few sessions, I felt relaxed and knew I could ask him almost anything and he never thought it was dumb. It was always worth the money."
Diane Guth (Comedian and Founder of the Kalamazoo Comedy Festival)
"Neil was very helpfull in teaching me how to turn my satanic, serial killer scribbles into an act."
Page Frakes (Comedian)
"Neil is the comedy mechanic you always wanted- he's always able to find and fix the funny, no matter how deeply it's hidden."
Jame Huang (Actor, Comedian)
"I had done open mics for a year and bombed constantly, but after making the commitment to work hard with Neil Leiberman, I got laughs my first time back out ... and soon after was invited to showcase at events and comedy clubs."
Max Curry (Comedian)
"Neil Leiberman is a pro coach that will make your material work. Neil is a barometer for funny. If you suck, he'll tell you how to fix and then it's up to you to take his advice. Neil don't play. Your money is well spent if you mean to succeed. The coaching I got from Neil Leiberman not only helped me in standup but also in business. The professionalism that he teaches can be used anywhere for the rest of your life. Neil not only coached me, he managed me, kept me on the straight and narrow and gave good career and personal advice."
Dan MacDonald (Comedian)
"Neil supports your search for your own voice rather than dictating a set 'method' of doing comedy. He also mandates a work ethic. Because of Neil I write every day."
Lara Kehoe (Comedian, Actress)
"Neil's comedic understanding stretches from the hilarious, yet lethal, Fatty Arbuckle, to the pithy social and political observations of the Upright Citizens Brigade. If you want funny, Neil's your honey. He put me on the map."
Mike Shannon (Comedian)
"Neil's approach to teaching comedy is characteristic of all great teachers ... a profound knowledge of the subject matter with extensive working experience; plus the confidence to let his students explore their comedic talents. What makes Neil even notches above the best of the best is his passion for teaching and his truly unique life observations which he so deftly expresses through comedy."
C.J. Hawkins (Comedian)
"Neil Leiberman, the Comedy Coach, is just that, a Coach. He coaches you on how to take your talent to the next level. He does not preach to a classroom full of people, he coaches you one on one. My experience with Neil has been very positive. I had some funny material, but didn't know quite how to package it and deliver it the right way. Neil showed me how to do that. When you only have 5 minutes on stage - some places give you much less time - your material has to hit hard in a short period of time, without overwhelming your audience. It's a delicate balance indeed, and Neil helps you to get there. Many people think that you don't need a Comedy Coach to tell jokes, which is true, but you do need one to tell jokes that get laughs. Neil's tutilage has helped me in many aspects of my life, both on and off stage. I find that I think better on my feet, and I can read my audience better, whether it's at a club or just hanging out with family and friends. Neil tells it like it is, and at times has told me things that I didn't want to hear, but hey, my wife does that too, and I don't have to pay Neil nearly as much as I pay my wife."
Travis Reed (Comedian, Actor, Singer)
"Neil helped me build confidence on a level that carries on in a way that I still don't see today... but the audience does."
Barsha Fields (Comedian)
"As a former stage actor transitioning to stand-up, I wanted a very structured and organized approach to writing and crafting my act, and Neil has been fantastically helpful in this regard."
Mark Ruch (Comedian, Actor)
"Neil Leiberman is astute, honest, hard-working, and demands no less from his students. Working with Neil was the best comedy decision I’ve ever made."
Grace White (Comedian)
"Neil will help you develop and refine an act that is truly 'in your own voice.' He has a great ability to edit, organize, and improve your material which will save you huge amounts of time as you start or move your comedy career to the next level."
Jeff Applebaum (Comedian)
"Neil gives you the perspective and the coaching to make it happen as a stand-up comic. He is funny and he knows the comedy business. His guidance brings out your best so you can develop a successful comedy career."
Ali Hager (Comedian)
"Working with Neil Leiberman has helped me to get a better perspective on my writing and my performance. He has made it a lot easier for me to find my comedy voice."
Mary Beth Cowan (Comedian)
"There is no substitute for hard work and persistence. But Neil comes close."
Jerry VanDeVerre (Comedian, Actor)
"When I began working with Neil I didn't have a clue how to get started in comedy. Neil taught me how to be myself onstage instead of allowing me to be like other comics I'd seen through the years. Because of this I am now a working comic and several people have commented on my professionalism and originality for which I give Neil much credit. Neil cut years off the learning process as well as being truly supportive. If you're considering doing comedy as a career this is a worthwhile investment."
Jim Summers (Comedian)
"Working with Neil was by far the best decision I have made in comedy. If you are willing to work hard and want to mature fast as a comic I highly recommend him!"
Nora Lavelle (Comedian)
"Neil is an excellent editor who knows just how to get to the nugget of the joke."
Darlene Popovic (Comedian, Actress)
"Neil Leiberman is a fantastic coach. I am especially impressed with his focus on developing the ‘comic within’ with his students. As a deejay, I find his coaching to be extremely beneficial with the development of my radio show. I highly recommend Neil’s coaching to anyone. If you’re serious about comedy, look no further than this guy!"
Doc McCoy (Radio Personality)
"Neil made me write and forced me to be funnier than I ever was in real life. All in all, everything you'd want in a teacher."
Jim Kempner (Comedian)
"Neil Leiberman is a hard driving, maniacal freak monster who will bust your balls. He will demand you to write pages of original and truthful material til your pen bleeds. Otherwise he's as soft as a kitten on Prozac. He'll make you work hard. Really hard. Until one day, you're up on stage and they laugh. And you're hooked. You're a comic. If you're serious about success call this guy. Or you could stay safe and sane and crawl back under your rock and continue daydreaming."
Simone Alexander (Comedian, Actress)