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Neil works privately with every
student on a one-to-one basis.

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Neil’s Students have appeared in:

  Late Night with David Letterman
Little Miss Sunshine
Reno 911
The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson
Evening at the Improv
Premium Blend
Comedy on the Road
Two Drink Minimum
Late Night With Conan O’Brien

Will and Grace
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Caroline’s Comedy Hour
Comic Strip Live
Live with Regis & Kelly
The Aristocrats
The View
The Howard Stern Show
The Jamie Kennedy Show
Saturday Night Live
Comic Relief
Malcolm in the Middle
Judging Amy
Rock Star
Rain Man
The New Adventures of Old Christine
Just for Laughs Comedy Festival
Six Feet Under
And many, many more!

Neil’s students have won every major Comedy Competition in the country;
here are just a few of them:

2005 Boston Comedy Festival
Seattle Comedy Competition
Johnnie Walker Talent Search
Merit Comedy Competition
San Francisco Comedy Competition
2003 Comedian of the Year
Bay Area Cabaret Competition
San Diego Comedy Competition

Neil Leiberman, The Comedy Coach®


Neil was a comedian in the seventies and eighties and still performs occasionally for private functions. But being a Comedy Coach® is a full time job, so in 1982 he decided to commit himself to helping other comedians.

Neil says, "My goal is to break new ground and help Comedy advance as an art form."

He has been coaching Comedians, Public Speakers, Actors and Screenwriters for close to thirty years. Neil also travels the globe presenting his one-day Stand-Up Comedy Seminar at Comedy Clubs, Corporations and Colleges.

Cobb’s Comedy Club
Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle
The Cleveland Improv
Zanies in Chicago
The Boston Comedy Festival
South Haven Comedy Festival
East Tennessee State University
San Francisco Punch Line
The Chicago Comedy Conference
The LA Cabaret
Stanford University
San Francisco State University
Netcom Corporation
And many more.

Neil has sold two of his screen plays, writes for numerous national headliners, and is co-founder and Sr. Vice President of George Carlin’s Laugh.com, America’s premier comedy record company.



Private Personal Coaching

Why pay more and get lost in a 'group' class, when you can work one-on-one with Neil? Comedy is a very specific art form. That's why private coaching is so crucial to developing an act that suits your personality. Whether you’re a Comedian, Speaker, Actor, Writer, CEO, etc., as I learn more about you, your speech pattern, sense of humor, and material, the easier it is for me to help you develop an act that sounds like you and not like everyone else. You will learn technique, timing, presentation, how to deal with stage fright, and how to create material that suits your personality.

All students in the San Francisco Bay Area will meet face to face with The Comedy Coach on a weekly basis. The other 80% of Neil's students around the globe utilize Skype, Gmail, iChat, Email, Phone, Fax, etc.
All payments are non-refundable.
All private coaching hours are customized for your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you learn to be funny?
No, but you can learn to be funnier.

What does the Comedy Coach® do?
He teaches the basics of Stand-Up Comedy. Writing, structure, technique, timing, presentation, how to lose your fear of performing, as well as how to get work in the business. He is a mentor, a guide, and a friend.

What if I don’t live in San Francisco?
Many clients work with Neil through the mail and one the phone. They use e-mail, fax, phone calls, and send written material, or audio and video tapes for critique and editing.

Why shouldn’t I take a group class?
These classes often end up being two or three times more expensive, based on the amount of personal attention you will not receive. Many of them are fanchised out from other cities. The Comedy Coach® works personally, one on one,
with every student.



What if my goal isn’t Stand-Up Comedy?
Neil also works with actors, public speakers, corporate executives, and so on. In fact, many of the actors he has coached have appeared in sitcoms and feature films including “Independence Day”, “Sister Act”, “Seinfeld”, ”The Drew Carey Show, and etc.

Why do I need the Comedy Coach®?
The Comedy Coach® can teach you the secrets, short cuts, and inner workings of the business. The Comedy Coach® can help you reach your goal faster than you ever could alone. The Comedy Coach® provides not just honesty, but support, and encouragement.

What if I have more questions?
Email me to receive a Free Information Packet
or call our Toll Free 800 number:


Comedy Coach Instructional CD's

How To Become Funnier Than You Really Are

This best selling CD reveals all of the basics of how to become a funnier Comedian, Speaker, Writer, Actor, etc. It teaches how to create, write, edit, structure, memorize, rehearse and perform. The short cuts this CD provides will save you years of frustration. It is the perfect gift for anyone that wants to improve their sense of humor and it's mandatory for anyone that stands behind a microphone.

Neil Leiberman ON Comedy

This CD is part of Laugh.com's ON Comedy Series, including Jerry Seinfeld ON Comedy, George Carlin ON Comedy and now, Neil Leiberman ON Comedy. This interview CD reveals the secrets and inner working of the comedy industry. For the first time find out what goes on behind the scenes of Comedy Competitions and Comedy Festivals, and learn how to get booked, re-booked and climb the comedy ladder faster than everyone else.

To order the Comedy Coach’s® new CD “Neil Leiberman On Comedy”
or his first CD “How to Become Funnier Than You Really Are” just select below.

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